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Bunnies of Doom

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8/23/03 03:17 am - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known


Living with Charlie was odd. That was the word Draco decided to use. Their house was a glorified cardboard box. Often, Charlie forgot that he no longer lived alone and would leave the bathroom door open while he was in there.

They ate in a dining hall for everyone on the Reserve. Draco hadn't necessarily made friends but one girl was teaching him to sew. He was happy though, or at least satisfied. Charlie smiled every time their eyes met. He said good morning like he meant it. Draco was probably falling a little in love.

He'd never admit it.

8/9/03 09:22 pm - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known


Working with dragons was probably the hardest thing Draco had ever done. Mastering potions or hexes was child's play in comparison with wrangling Norwegian Ridgebacks. Not that Draco was that far in his studies yet. But he had calluses. It was shameful.

"Come on, Draco. As soon as you finish mending that fence we can go to lunch," Charlie yelled with his usual enthusiasm.

Utterly shameful.

"I'm working on it, you great prat! My arms are about to fall off."

He was ignored. Again. Charlie had the most annoying habit of brushing off everything he said. It was completely vexing.

7/15/03 04:13 am - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known

I'm really enjoying this series. I can't wait to see where it goes.


He was going to die in pieces at the bottom of a crevice. It was the most undignified death Draco could imagine. His eyes clenched even more tightly shut. The only sensation he could feel was the wind stinging his face and the roughened fingers pressed against his own.

With a sudden breathtaking jolt, his momentum was reversed. His stomach lurched in protest. Beneath his free hand was warm flesh and smooth scaled skin.

Draco opened his eyes.

"You fucker."

The grin on Charlie's face was enormous.

"You absolute rat-faced fuck."

"You liked it then?"

Draco grinned back. "Hell yes."

7/12/03 12:43 pm - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known

I forced myself to write this before I did anything else today. I've been falling a bit behind.


Draco took back every nice thing he ever thought about Charlie. The man was completely nutters. They stood on a tiny ledge above a sheer cliff while Charlie chatted up a lizard two-hundred times their size.

"I've a bad feeling about this."

"You're not afraid of heights, are you Draco?"

"No, I don't fancy being lunch."

"No worries, mate. Cecil ate last week." Charlie grinned recklessly at him and Draco felt his stomach lurch. He grabbed one of Draco's hands. "Trust me?"

Draco didn't even nod before Charlie threw them backwards off the cliff. The rushing wind swallowed his screams.

6/30/03 10:14 am - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known


His room wasn't completely awful, Draco decided warily. Once his things were unpacked it was -- and he hated to admit it -- almost homey. Since he was thumbing his nose at his family, that was probably a good thing.

Charlie wasn't bad. For a crazy bastard that knew all the dragons in Romania by name, anyway. Considering Draco was apprenticed to the man, he didn't think he had room to talk.

"If you're about done in here, I thought we'd go have a look at the rest of the Reserve."

"I suppose," Draco replied indolently. "That's why I'm here, after all."

6/25/03 11:32 am - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known prologue


Dumbledore made the announcement during breakfast. Christmas hols were over and the time had come for seventh years to really start thinking about the future. The choices were fairly straightforward. Wizard collage, auror training, or, for the lucky few who receive letters, mentoring.

Draco rolled his eyes and took another bite of toast. As if any students other than him were of a prestigious enough background to get sponsored. Of course all his father's friends would jump at the chance to lead Draco into manhood. Of course they would.

He tossed aside his toast. Suddenly, Draco wasn't very hungry anymore.

6/21/03 05:32 pm - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known


"You can toss your stuff in here. I've cleared the junk out for you."

Draco looked around the small room and sneered. It was barely better than a closet. A small bed sat sadly alone, pushed against the window.

"This?" Draco's lip curled in distaste.

Charlie snorted, obviously expecting such a reaction. "There's always the sofa if you'd rather."

"I don't even have a dresser!" Draco sputtered.

"Susan'll be by in a bit to drop one off. Her daughter just moved out."

"And you expect me to live in this wreck?"

"Actually, yes," Charlie said. "Don't be such a prat."

6/17/03 07:54 pm - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known

This was mostly finished last night but the word count thing on my word processor is screwy. All words present and accounted for.


"Your mother sent more of your things this morning," Snape told him.

"Father will have burned anything she missed by now."

All that remained of the school year was the collection of his belongings and then, finally, meeting his mentor. If Draco were ever nervous, that might be the name for the fluttering feeling in his stomach.

"Professor -- Oh. Hullo, Malfoy."


"Have you finished unpacking, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hey Snape, is Draco with you? Someone said -- Hey, Harry."

"Wha--? Charlie?"

Draco smirked cheerfully. His father was furious and Potter stunned. This was the best choice he'd ever made.

6/16/03 12:43 am - chaosraven - Dragons I Have Known


The letters required a response today. Draco's own pile -- recently increased by one -- sat near his plate. His options now came down to familial duty or his own wants. A harder decision than he felt the situation warranted. It should be simple.

"Are you going to eat this?" Goyle poked at his elbow.

"Help yourself."

Across the dining hall, Harry Potter looked distinctly nauseous. A small carrier pigeon fluttered across the room and dropped a tiny letter in front of Potter. His expression went from relief, to shock, to careful consideration. Draco smiled. Evidently, Professor Snape was human after all.

6/15/03 02:33 am - chaosraven - Damn the Harry Potter

So there's this idea I've had for Draco/Charlie Weasley. I've been fighting it but I need to get into the writing habit again. I'm gonna post as a series of drabbles. I'm hoping for at least 20 or so. We'll see what happens.


Draco shuffled through the letters he held. There were ten in all and they said the same thing. They offered the same thing. It wouldn't matter which he chose.

"I think you ought to sponsor Potter, sir."

"Are you mad?" Snape hissed.

"My father--"

"Has nothing--"

"Sent him a letter," he finished.

Snape stiffened. "How do you know this?"

"My father is only subtle when he thinks he's losing."

He grimaced slightly. If Potter were under Lucius's tutelage there was no telling what would happen to the boy.

"Have you chosen?"

Draco sighed. "I'm waiting until the last possible moment."
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