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Character Profiles

name: Shinichi Yoshida
age: 26
birth date: March 4th
height: 6’4”
weight: 180lbs
nationality: Japanese.
skin color: Very pale.
eyes: Dark Brown.
hair: Black. Slightly too long at the fringe and nape. No sideburns.
glasses: None.
piercings: None.
tattoos: Eventual small butterfly.
dress style: Jeans, t-shirts, often a size too large. Neutral colors mostly.
residence: Lives with his family in a suburban area. Two story house.
family: Mother, father, younger brother (Mitsuru).
socioeconomic-level: Upper-middle class.
education: High School dropout.
occupation: Student.
significant other: None.
kinsey rating: 6
spirituality: None.
quirks: Social Anxiety. Typically stands hunched over to disguise his height.
talents: Plays the cello, very musically gifted.
basic nature: Shy, awkward, easily embarrassed, quiet.
dealing with anger: Will be passive-aggressive or internalize.
dealing with change: Impassive.
dealing with conflict: Avoids conflict, when necessary will completely remove himself from the situation.
dealing with happiness: Subdued, rarely smiles.
dealing with loss: Internalizes and is uncomfortable with excesses emotion.
short-term goals: Receive GED
long-term goals: Complete cello concerto
overview: Shinichi developed severe social anxiety when he was 16. He dropped out of school and shut himself away, not able to address his personal issues. The entire family moved to the US when he was 20 because of his father’s work. Though he doesn’t socialize with anyone outside of internet friends, Shinichi has continued to play the cello and is slowly emerging from his self-imposed isolation. He is not well adjusted emotionally and will simply lock up if confronted with a situation that makes him too uncomfortable.


name: Edward Joaquin Ledesma (Leds)
age: 20
birth date: September 21st
height: 5’10”
weight: 140lbs
nationality: Filipino.
skin color: Light brown.
eyes: Brown.
hair: Brown. Extra long fringe with magenta stripe, short everywhere else.
glasses: None.
piercings: None.
tattoos: None.
dress style: Clean cut, metrosexual with skater accents.
residence: Lives with Ben and Mitsuru in a three bedroom apartment.
family: Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, 2 year-old brother.
socioeconomic-level: Upper-middle class.
education: College student.
occupation: Music store clerk.
significant other: None.
kinsey rating: 1
spirituality: Roman Catholic.
quirks: Narrow focus, occasionally clumsy, uncomfortable with people walking behind him, doesn’t like vegetables.
talents: Plays the bass. Artistically talented, but not interested. Can cook.
basic nature: Serious, focused.
dealing with anger: Slow to anger, but will snap given enough provocation.
dealing with change: Likes having things constant, but can accept positive change.
dealing with conflict: Easily bated, particularly in subjects he’s passionate about.
dealing with happiness: Doesn’t joke much, except around his band mates.
dealing with loss: Can express his emotions, but isn’t comfortable crying in front of people.
short-term goals: Get ‘Fatal Parfait’ signed to a label.
long-term goals: Release an album and get a girlfriend.
overview: When he was 18, Leds moved from the Hawaii to the mainland to find better musical opportunities. He has been working and going to school at the same time for the past year, as well as developing Fatal Parfait into a group he can be proud of. Though his parents take most of the financial burden on themselves, Leds is determined to make his own when where ever possible. There is very little he considers worth his time that doesn’t relate to music. When he’s not practicing, in class, or working, he’s writing music and improving on their sound. Though he can be a little scattered when he’s deeply involved in something, Leds is the most serious member of the band.


name: Amalia Marconi
age: 19
birth date: May 12th
height: 5’4”
weight: 145lbs
nationality: Italian-American.
skin color: Olive.
eyes: Brown.
hair: Dark brown with blue streaks in the fringe. Chin length around the back, two longer tails in front.
glasses: None.
piercings: Ears.
tattoos: None.
dress style: Unique shoes with heavy soles, thick belts, lots of jewelry. Thrift store/vintage finds.
residence: Lives with her family in a sprawling single story house.
family: Mother, Father, two younger brothers, two younger sisters.
socioeconomic-level: Middle class.
education: College student.
occupation: Part time waitress at her family’s restaurant.
significant other: Somewhat uptight older Chinese man.
kinsey rating: 0
spirituality: Roman Catholic.
quirks: Loudly outspoken, argumentative.
talents: Amazing singer, good cook, history buff.
basic nature: Mothering, cheerful, boisterous.
dealing with anger: Quick to anger, quick to forgive.
dealing with change: Embraces all kinds of change.
dealing with conflict: Enjoys debate. Likes to have the last word.
dealing with happiness: Smiles easily and freely.
dealing with loss: Loudly emotional, regardless of situation.
short-term goals: Finish school.
long-term goals: Fatal Parfait to gain recognition.
overview: Amalia is from a large, closely-knit family. She’s used to being loud to have her opinion heard. She and Leds were the original founders of Fatal Parfait, having met in church. She quickly appointed herself as a caretaker and surrogate mother for the band and its hangers on. Though she’s only an average student, Amalia is determined to get her degree before moving on to bigger things. Her boyfriend is generally disapproved of by the boys due to his uptight personality and the age difference between them but they care for each other a lot.


name: Bienvenido Salvador Santos (Ben)
age: 21
birth date: July 23rd
height: 6’2”
weight: 190lbs
nationality: Filipino-American.
skin color: Medium tan.
eyes: Green.
hair: Chin length bleach blond with bright green streaks.
glasses: Black, rectangle frames. Only worn occasionally.
piercings: Guiche.
tattoos: Stars on upper right arm.
dress style: Beach bum. Flip-flops, shorts and baggy pants. Mismatched patterns. Hawaiian shirts.
residence: Lives with Leds and Mitsuru in a three bedroom apartment.
family: Mother.
socioeconomic-level: Lower-middle class.
education: College student.
occupation: Auto-mechanic.
significant other: None.
kinsey rating: 4
spirituality: None.
quirks: Careless, easily bored, doesn’t show his full potential.
talents: Plays the drums, good at fixing things.
basic nature: Happy, spontaneous, flirtatious.
dealing with anger: Almost impossible to anger.
dealing with change: Facilitates changes often.
dealing with conflict: Will enter a confrontation only when he sees no other alternative.
dealing with happiness: Always smiling, loves joking and teasing.
dealing with loss: Accepting of grief but uncomfortable sharing it.
short-term goals: Build up savings.
long-term goals: Finish school.
overview: Ben’s father passed away before he was born. His mother raised him by herself. He graduated from high school when he was 17 and immediately began working. He’s been in and out of school since then, taking classes when he can afford to cut down on his hours. His mother would support him, but he won’t accept money from her, knowing that she has enough to worry about herself. Despite somewhat unfortunate circumstances, Ben is very bright and maintains a high GPA. He has known Leds for a number of years but only recently consented to join Fatal Parfait. The band’s practice schedule is determined heavily by when he’s working or not.


name: Mitsuru Yoshida
age: 20
birth date: December 18th.
height: 5’6”
weight: 130lbs
nationality: Japanese.
skin color: Light tan.
eyes: Brown.
hair: Bright blue with a red clump in the fringe. Short around the back, fringe touches the eyebrows.
glasses: Small oval frames for reading.
piercings: Three right ear, five left ear.
tattoos: None.
dress style: Skater-punk. Hoodies, baggy pants, heavy belts.
residence: Lives with Ben and Leds in a three bedroom apartment.
family: Mother, father, older brother (Shinichi).
socioeconomic-level: Upper-middle class.
education: College student.
occupation: Student.
significant other: None.
kinsey rating: 0
spirituality: Nominal Buddhist.
quirks: Low patience, easily frustrated by small things.
talents: Plays the guitar, skateboards, photographic memory.
basic nature: Easy going.
dealing with anger: Quick bursts of anger, often relieves it by smashing things.
dealing with change: Prefers minimal change.
dealing with conflict: Prefers non-violent solutions, but can be verbally abrasive.
dealing with happiness: Enjoys joking around with friends.
dealing with loss: Strangely sensitive, particularly empathetic to others.
short-term goals: Success with Fatal Parfait.
long-term goals: Success with Fatal Parfait.
overview: Mitsuru spent most of his teen years trying not to be resentful of his older brother. Shinichi’s anti-social behavior made having friends over really awkward. He has become more understanding of his brother’s anxiety but he still is somewhat embarrassed by him. Being in college has given him the opportunity to make better friendships. He met Leds in a music theory class and was invited to join Fatal Parfait as the guitarist.


name: Jonathan Ashby (Johnny)
age: 22
birth date: November 8th
height: 5’11”
weight: 145lbs
nationality: Pale, freckles.
eyes: Blue.
hair: Close cropped red with sideburns.
glasses: None.
piercings: Lip ring, 2g (2.6mm) ear plugs.
tattoos: None.
dress style: Baseball hats, trendy hip-hop.
residence: Lives in a studio apartment.
family: Mother, father, older sister, younger sister.
socioeconomic-level: Middle class.
education: College student.
occupation: Bartender.
significant other: None.
kinsey rating: 3
spirituality: None.
quirks: Very flirtatious, excessive foul language, lazy, smokes.
talents: Mixing drinks, rugby, mathematics.
basic nature: Friendly, teasing.
dealing with anger: Not afraid to let off steam.
dealing with change: Only if necessary.
dealing with conflict: Generally instigates it.
dealing with happiness: Likes to make people smile.
dealing with loss: Will generally get angry and won’t share grief.
short-term goals: Have sex with Leds.
long-term goals: Make a million dollars.
overview: Johnny was raised in London but has dual citizenship. He originally came to the US for school but has grown attached to his current situation and plans to remain after graduating if possible. Despite being raised with three women in the house, he tends to be rather crass and generally obnoxious. His wandering eye has only recently stopped on Leds who is vocally against any relationship between them. Johnny met Fatal Parfait and its member through Ben. They briefly worked together at the same bar.
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