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Music Box - script stuff

I'll be adding to this as I write, so if you want to change something, Min, let me know. Also, let me know if this is okay for format and stuff, cos I can change it pretty easily. I've left most of the formatting decisions to you, but I can add my opinions a little more if you want.

I go back and forth worrying I'm putting too much in a scene and not enough, so if that's the case anywhere, pls tell me. ^_^

p1 - [title, musical notes, abstract, music box]

"When I was young, my mother had a music box. It played a quiet lullaby {chopin or something?}. I think that's where it started."

p2 - [house, neighborhood, messy bedroom, S on a wooden chair playing]

"I really wanted to play the piano but there was never enough room for one. At first, I hated the cello. It was so awkward. Now, it's just another part of me."

p3 - [knock, mother in the hall, S writing notes, moves to door, stops]


m: Shinichi? Mitsuru is about to leave now.

[silent panel]

m: Are you going with him?

p4 - [next to door, jacket in hand, eyes closed]

"My younger brother is in a band. He plays lead guitar and is apparently very good."

s: Yes, in a moment. I can't find my jacket.

p5 - [exterior, exiting, s wearing hat and sunglasses]

"This will be the first time I've ever gone to watch them practice. My brother doesn't play his guitar in the house."

p6 - [street/highway, reflection in car window, driveway with garage]

"I'm not comfortable around new people, but my family has been encouraging me to do this for a while."

p7 - [inside, bandmembers lounging, M moves into the room, S stays back]

"They don't understand. Even I don't understand."

p8 - [S by himself, uncomfortable/awkward expression]

"So today I'll see if I can do it."

p9 - [band playing, cheerful, S close but not involved]

"Three times a week I sit in on their practice. The music is loud and dischordant and their lead singer seems to think I need to be fed all the time."

p10 - [outside, 7-11, S walking hunched over]

"Despite that, things are easier. I started having dinner with my family last week. I think they were happy."

p11 - [arrive homw, remove shoes, upstaris]

s: *quietly* I'm home.
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