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the Band comic

here's a rough timeline of events that i've come up with so far:

cello guy (and we really need to name them soon) drops out of school near his senior year, becoming a hikikomori. his brother is about 4 years younger than him, just begins high school. he remains a shut-in for 5-6 years. i picture them as living in japan when he drops out. the hughes character is his overly genki best friend. he is the only person who doesn't give up on the cellist. he plays a roll like the big sisters from the article, trying to convince the cellist to go outside or open up a little. after a few years, the father gets a job transfer and they move to the US. hughes keeps in touch though the computer, and cellists parents fly him over to visit during summer vacation and stuff. eventually, (by year 5-6) the cellist is convinced to join the world again, and he is getting ready to take some classes at the community college so he can take his GED (high school proficiency). that would be where the story begins.

all through this, he plays his cello, and writes music and stuff. i think it would be kind of cool if he played things that reflected his personal struggles. i was also thinking that maybe he'll have a goal to get into Julliard or whatever the awesome music schools are... that can be like, the culmination of the story. i kind of want him to write a peice of music for his parents to express his gratitude for them taking care of him, because he doesn't know how to say it, as well.


Names ftw!

Drums: Bienvenido Salvador Santos (Ben)
Bass: Edward Joaquin Ledesma (Leds)
Guitar: Mitsuru Yoshida
Vocals: Amalia Marconi

Others: Shinichi Yoshida; Jonathan Ashby
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