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I went through and cleaned house a little. Deleted some entries and fixed up the memories. It's kinda strange to me that there are people watching this little community *waves* so, if you were here for jic's fic, you might want to go elsewhere as she's given up her share in this space. But, if you find my crazy ass hijinks amusing, the more the merrier.

THE LIST - in progress
- Beck:mcs, stargazing fic. omg so close to done. >.<
- Naruto, Shikamaru/Kakashi wallow. dear plot, pls hurry up. love, me.
- FMA, East of the Sun. Needs touch up to work with post series stuuuuffff. Bitches.
- Beck:mcs, the Matt fic. ow, ow, ow... this one is going to take forevar.
- Finish up DIHK. Because, seriously. >O
- HP, In Demand. Dude, it's started. Too bad I suck at writing epics.

THE LIST - new ideas
- Weiss post series Ken fic. In which he does Schwarz makes an epic friendship with the baddies in some sort of way that explains their incestuous Gluhen dealings. Probably Shuldich/Ken because it's tasty.
- 30_kisses stuff, both Beck and Bleach.
- Find someone for Ken-chan to love forever. Zaraki, not Hidaka.
- Eyeshield 21 Hiruma makes Sena his boyfriend slave.
- Maybe some orig stuffs, dork. >.<

Also: go through ye olde notebooks of prawn and find handwritten stuffs. Alsoalso: scour the normal journal for old fic stuffs to add here ie Marcus the bitchy auror.
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